10 things you never knew you could Menulog


OK, we know you’ve ordered ice cream on Menulog and felt pretty good about it. But did you know that you can order so much more than a ready-made meal?

To prove that we have just what you feel like, here are 10 things you never knew you could Menulog.


Love wine? We know, us too. Many of your favourite restaurants can deliver alcohol with meal orders or why not see what’s on offer from our range of specialist alcohol stores. 


Frogs Legs

You don’t have to be French, or in a fancy restaurant to experience frog legs. Try them a myriad of different ways on Menulog – with chilli and ginger sauce, in soup, stir fried, or sizzling. Just think of them as more nutritious chicken wings. 

Dracula’s Blood

So it’s actually a healthy juice … but just for a second, you thought it was something else. https://www.menulog.com.au/relish-foods-leichardt

Chiko Roll

Australia’s most iconic street food, the Chiko Roll is a favourite at festivals and shows. Now, the fun doesn’t have to stop when you’re at home.https://www.menulog.com.au/warradale-brick-oven-pizza-and-snack-bar

Miso caramel milkshake

Intrigued? Thought you would be. Miso caramel is sweet but savoury – it’s a whole new level of salted caramel. A must try.https://www.menulog.com.au/the-milk-bar-by-cafe-ish

Cheese and crackers

Have the cheese board but no cheese? We have brie and crackers practically on standby for you. https://www.menulog.com.au/fine-wine-fine-food


Protein smoothie

In the middle of a workout and realise you don’t have any protein left at home for your post-workout smoothie? Look no further than the chef’s hat on your home screen to make sure it’s with you within 30 mins after your workout.https://www.menulog.com.au/lava-in-balaclava

Green tea crepe cake

Forget drinking green tea, this year, it’s all about green tea as an ingredient in food. We can’t get enough of green tea desserts and this crepe cake is where the party’s at. https://www.menulog.com.au/yummy-puff-cafe

Acai bowl

Want an antioxidant-rich, superfood-filled breakfast but don’t want to drop your coin on all those ingredients at the health food store? You don’t have to. Just order the complete dish instead. https://www.menulog.com.au/bert-roys


Rocky road pizza

That’s right. Read that line again. Marshmallow, coconut, cranberries and almond on a hazelnut chocolate base WITH ICE CREAM. Say no more just add to cart. https://www.menulog.com.au/firechief