Free Burgers for Life if you change Surname to “Burger”

free burgers for life

Imagine if you could have free burgers whenever you wanted, for the rest of your days. It’s a pipe dream for most – until now.

Yes, seriously, the Melbourne-based restaurant is offering a lifetime supply of burgers if you formally change your last name to “Burger.” All you have to do is legally change your surname to ‘Burger’.

The marketing manager of Mr Burger, Maleik Edwards, told Broadsheet about the life-changing competition.

“Last week was a pretty heavy week in news, between Brexit, the election and the crazy weather. We thought this was a great way of brightening people’s day,” Edwards said.

“It’s a bit interesting and fun, and it’s about celebrating the ridiculous things in life.”

Ridiculous things indeed. We’re imagining an American Beauty-style montage, but with burgers and chips instead of rose petals and an uncomfortable relationship with Kevin Spacey.

Mr Burger closeup

It’s easy to win the goods, and there’s no limit to the amount of winners. Because, let’s face it, the only people signing up will be some pretty committed Homers.

Anyone can enter, as long as they’re older than 18.

Fill out this Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria form. Send the proof to good ol’ Mr Burger and they’ll cover the $101.40 fee.

Make sure you make it official by July 31.

Annnnnnnd that’s it! As a newly-minted Mr or Mrs Burger, you’ll be entitled to seven burgers each single week until you a) cark it, or b) change your name. But who would actually consider changing it?

P.S. If you’ve already got the last name ‘Burger’ (big ups to you), you’re entitled to a few vouchers, but not the burger galore that full converters are entitled to.