Mother’s Day is just coming around to amplify the love and appreciation we all have for that leading lady, often resulting in extravagant long lunches or dinners at some of the best restaurants in town.

While these days Dad’s can be whizzes in the kitchen too, in the past it was pretty much up to your Mum to come up with dinner EVERY night! She had to keep it fresh 365 days a year, but sometimes we all need a night off. So why not treat your Mum to dinner out on Mother’s Day? or better yet, get the whole family over and order takeaway so you can all spend some quality time together (and you can still get out of doing the dishes 🙂

Funny thing is though, while your Mum will always be your Mum who taught you so many things, we all teach our Mums things too. Over the years Australia has developed a diverse and thriving multi-cultural food scene. Treat your Mum to her favourite takeaway or introduce her to some new culinary delights.

Here are some of the best takeaways websites you can order your food at:

But what we really want to know is what’s your Mum’s favourite takeaway? and how do you celebrate her?