Indian restaurant in Melbourne offers free meals


An Indian restaurant in Melbourne is gaining attention for its efforts to help feed those in need.

Taking cue from a wonderful initiative taken by a restaurant in Canada serving free meals to those in need, Om vegetarian Indian restaurant in Melbourne city has started offering free meals to those who cannot afford a basic meal.

“We saw a wonderful initiative started by a restaurant in Canada serving free meals through their back door to those in need. This really touched us and showed that we too can help the community by serving them our warm and healthy vegetarian meals,” the post on the

Melbourne restaurant’s facebook page reads.

Currently, the free meals offered only for 2 hours from 3pm to 5pm, the restaurant hopes to extend the offer to throughout the day.

Tips from our restaurants will now directly support this initiative and we hope that a positive response will see us implement this in store for the entire day every day,” reads the Facebook post.

Om Vegetarian

These guys dish out vegetarian and vegan Indian and have the cheapest vegetarian buffet in town at $6.50 for all you can eat. They’re serving up curries from shops in Elizabeth Street and Collins Street, and also at their cafe on Swanston.