Here are the milk brands you need to buy to help Aussie dairy farmers


AUSTRALIANS have been urged to buy Aussie-made dairy products to help save struggling family farms.

As the Murray Goulburn crisis continues to take its toll throughout Victoria and the country, Victorian Farmers Federation president Peter Tuohey has called on the public for help.

“It’s times like these the Australian shopper can really help out farmers in need,” he said.

“Australians need to support Australian farmers otherwise they will become unsustainable.”

Dairy farmers are fighting to keep their businesses alive and families fed as drastic price cuts put them on the cusp of financial ruin.

The good news is there are ways us regular city folk can lend them a hand to keep them above water. We simply have to stump up a few extra cents by swapping our regular purchases for Australian, branded milk, cheese and yoghurt.

But supermarket aisles can be hard to navigate – so here’s a nifty graphic to help you with your purchasing decisions.

It’s not just milk – it’s yogurt, cheese and cream too.