Rainbow Latte the latest craze to hit Australia

Rainbow lattes take Melbourne by Storm

rainbow latte

Some mornings, a warm cup of coffee feels like a little pot of gold. And now, thanks to cafe serving latte’s awash with swirls of red, blue and green, drinking coffee can double as your ticket to the end of a rainbow.

Too Many Chiefs, a coffee haunt in Melbourne’s Brighton, is now offering ‘rainbow lattes’, with images showing they are every bit the colourful creation the name suggests, reports Herald Sun.

What’s more? Add Melbourne to this addicting cup of delight. The result? You get the coffee capital of Australia.

The city of Melbourne is popularly referred to as Australia’s coffee capital but it is becoming popular for another reason. Of late, Melbourne has started experimenting with coffee comforts as the rainbow coffee becomes the in thing. Just a week ago, deconstructed coffee found its way into restaurants, causing anger among coffee lovers. The rainbow coffee is the latest entrant in the coffee market. This design has confused coffee takers who prefer the conventional latte.

Rainbow coffee literally refers to different colors swirling in a cup of otherwise black-or-brown-colored-traditional coffee. Too Many Chiefs, a cafe in Brighton, is accredited of creating this colorful, weird and innovative coffee.

Melbourne Sees Rainbow Coffee As The New Trend - Indiansite

The exciting shade of colors is not the only attraction of this rainbow coffee. The coffee is also a very healthy alternative. The drink supposedly helps you fight the flu, gives you Vitamin C, boosts your immune system and also acts as an anti-inflammatory. The benefits are quite understandable after all, the drink is free of caffeine and is made of beetroot, turmeric, and matcha (a green tea plant). All of which are quite beneficial for our health.

Melbourne Sees Rainbow Coffee As The New Trend - Indiansite

However, many have fallen in love with this madness and thus are defending it. Many coffee shops continue to serve the traditional coffees while many are experimenting with this appetizing drink. A little bit of madness and weirdness is very much acceptable as well as desirable. And when this mixture of madness comes with health benefits, I think it’s worth a try.

So to all the coffee lovers including the caffeine addicts, I will suggest that you give this drink a try. It won’t hurt you for sure.